Alienrider M901 Intelligent Motorcycle Lighting System

Introducing the Alienrider M901 Intelligent Motorcycle Lighting System, designed to illuminate your rides with unmatched clarity and safety. With its advanced adaptive lighting feature, the M901 automatically adjusts the angle and intensity of the beams as you lean into curves and turns, providing optimal visibility exactly where you need it most. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or tackling winding mountain roads, the M901 ensures that every twist and turn is met with precision and confidence. Upgrade your riding experience with the Alienrider M901,

Introducing the Alienrider M901 Intelligent Motorcycle Lighting System, a groundbreaking innovation set to revolutionize the riding experience for next-generation motorcycle enthusiasts. This cutting-edge system combines advanced lighting technology with intuitive controls to provide unparalleled visibility, safety, and control on the road.

At the heart of the M901 are its primary driving lights, offering both a selective yellow low beam and a powerful high beam white light. The selective yellow low beam enhances contrast and visibility in various weather and road conditions, reducing eye strain and improving depth perception. Meanwhile, the high beam white light provides maximum illumination, ensuring riders can see farther ahead and react promptly to potential hazards.

But what truly sets the M901 apart is its intelligent lighting features. The system’s adaptive or secondary beams react to the motorcycle’s movements, thanks to a gravity sensor integrated into its control module. As the motorcycle leans into a curve or turn, the gravity sensor activates secondary beams, directing additional light precisely where it’s needed. This adaptive lighting feature enhances visibility and confidence for riders, particularly when navigating challenging terrain or tight corners.


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