AlienRider M2 Pro Motorcycle Dash Cam with 6.1 Inch Touch Screen – Host and TPMS

AlienRider M2 Pro Motorcycle Dash Cam with 6.1 Inch Touch Screen – Host, and TPMS.

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Package Inclusions-

  1. Host with remote control
  2. TPMS Sensors, for front and rear wheel
  3. Associated brackets and hardware
  4. Tools
  5. Screen Protector

The AlienRider M2 Pro Motorcycle Dashcam is a cutting-edge accessory designed to redefine your riding experience. Packed with advanced features, this dashcam captures the essence of your journeys with Full HD recording and a wide-angle lens, ensuring every detail of the road ahead is vividly preserved. With loop recording and radar for blindspot monitoring (BSM), you can ride confidently, knowing that your adventures are safely documented. The dashcam’s compact, discreet design seamlessly integrates with your motorcycle, while its water-resistant construction withstands various weather conditions. Enjoy the intuitive interface for easy operation, and elevate your riding with the Alienrider M2 Pro – where innovation meets safety on the open road.

Full HD Recording: Immerse yourself in vivid and crisp visuals with the Alienrider M2 Pro’s Full HD recording capabilities. The dashcam ensures that every detail of your ride is captured with clarity, providing a comprehensive account of your adventures.

Wide-Angle Lens: Maximize your field of vision with the wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture the entire road ahead. Whether navigating urban streets or cruising through scenic routes, the Alienrider M2 Pro ensures that nothing escapes your watchful eye.

Loop Recording: Never miss a moment with the seamless loop recording feature. The dashcam automatically overwrites the oldest footage, ensuring that your memory card is always ready for the next adventure. Preserve the highlights of your ride without the hassle of constantly managing storage space.

G-Sensor Technology: Safeguard your journey with the built-in G-Sensor, which detects sudden impacts and collisions. In the event of an accident, the AlienRider M2 Pro automatically locks and protects the relevant footage, providing a reliable eyewitness account and crucial evidence.

Compact and Discreet Design: The sleek and compact design of the Alienrider M2 Pro seamlessly integrates with your motorcycle’s aesthetics. Mount it discreetly on your bike for a streamlined look while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable eyewitness on board.

Water-Resistant Construction: Engineered to withstand the elements, the Alienrider M2 Pro is water-resistant, ensuring durability in various weather conditions. Ride confidently, knowing your dashcam is built to endure the challenges of the road.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate through settings and playback effortlessly with the user-friendly interface. The Alienrider M2 Pro’s intuitive controls make it easy to operate, allowing you to focus on the road ahead while capturing the moments that matter. Enhance your riding experience and prioritize your safety with the Alienrider M2 Pro Motorcycle Dashcam. Ride with confidence, knowing that every twist and turn is recorded in high-definition detail, making each journey a memorable and secure adventure.



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