The Alienrider M901 Intelligent Motorcycle Lighting System represents a pinnacle of innovation in rider safety and visibility. With its adaptive cornering lights, gravity sensor-equipped control module, and durable lamp modules, the M901 ensures optimal illumination and enhanced control on every ride. Designed for easy installation and seamless integration, this advanced lighting system elevates the riding experience, allowing motorcyclists to navigate twists and turns with confidence, day or night. Say goodbye to dimly lit roads and hello to a new level of clarity and safety with the Alienrider M901.

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At the heart of the M901 are its primary driving lights, offering both a selective yellow low beam and a powerful high beam white light. The selective yellow low beam enhances contrast and visibility in various weather and road conditions, reducing eye strain and improving depth perception. Meanwhile, the high beam white light provides maximum illumination, ensuring riders can see farther ahead and react promptly to potential hazards.

But what truly sets the M901 apart is its intelligent lighting features. The system’s adaptive or secondary beams react to the motorcycle’s movements, thanks to a gravity sensor integrated into its control module. As the motorcycle leans into a curve or turn, the gravity sensor activates secondary beams, directing additional light precisely where it’s needed. This adaptive lighting feature enhances visibility and confidence for riders, particularly when navigating challenging terrain or tight corners.

In addition to its intelligent lighting capabilities, the M901 offers a flash mode for enhanced visibility in high-traffic or urban environments. With just a press of a button, riders can activate a flashing sequence, alerting other road users to their presence. The flash mode can be customized to include both selective yellow and high beam white lights, ensuring maximum visibility in any situation.

Controlling the M901 is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly 3-button switch module.

Button Primary Function Secondary Function
Button 1 Controls main driving lights: Low beam, high beam, off. Long press (3 seconds): Enables/disables adaptive functionality. Adaptive function adjusts outer, angled beams based on lean angle. Second long press re-enables.
Button 2 Switches driving lights in and out of auto mode. Long press (3 seconds): Calibration of G-sensor. Ensures accurate detection of lean angles. Requires bike to be fully perpendicular and level front to back.
Button 3 Toggles flash mode. Long press (3 seconds): Adjusts threshold for G-sensor activation of adaptive lighting. Activates calibration mode for setting lean angle thresholds.

But the functionality doesn’t stop there – each button has a secondary function that adds even more versatility to the system.

Button 1’s secondary function enables or disables the adaptive functionality of the lighting system, allowing riders to tailor their lighting experience to their preferences. Button 2’s secondary function calibrates the gravity sensor for precise detection of lean angles, ensuring optimal performance in all riding conditions. Finally, Button 3’s secondary function adjusts the threshold for sensor activation, fine-tuning the system to the rider’s individual riding style.

But the innovation doesn’t end there. The M901 also integrates seamlessly with the motorcycle’s horn button, providing an additional safety feature to alert other drivers on the road. When the horn button is pressed for longer than a second, the system initiates a short flash of the primary driving lights, drawing attention to the motorcycle and signaling potential hazards.

The Alienrider M901 Intelligent Motorcycle Lighting System represents a significant leap forward in safety, performance, and innovation for motorcycle riders. With its advanced features, intuitive controls, and unparalleled visibility, the M901 sets a new standard for intelligent lighting systems. Embrace the future of motorcycle lighting with the Alienrider M901 and experience the road like never before.