M2 Pro Features


Stunning 6.1″ High-Resolution Display

The AlienRider M2 Pro features a stunning 6.1-inch high-resolution display that sets a new standard for motorcycle dashboards. With a resolution of 1440×720 pixels and a sleek design boasting a narrow 5mm bezel, the display offers an immersive and wide field of view. It delivers exceptional brightness with a peak value of up to 1000 nits, ensuring clear visibility even under harsh sunlight.

The screen automatically adjusts its brightness at night to reduce glare and provide optimal visibility. This advanced display ensures that critical information is always easily accessible, allowing riders to navigate confidently through varying lighting conditions and challenging environments.

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CarPlay & Android Auto

The AlienRider M2 Pro seamlessly integrates CarPlay and Android Auto, enhancing your riding experience with smart connectivity and convenience. This feature allows you to access your favorite music, navigation, and apps directly from the 6.1-inch high-resolution display, ensuring you stay connected while keeping your focus on the road. With intuitive controls, you can manage playlists, answer calls, and receive text message notifications without removing your gloves or helmet.

The system supports hands-free voice commands through a compatible intercom, allowing you to perform various tasks effortlessly, promoting a safer and more enjoyable ride. Whether navigating through city streets or cruising on highways, CarPlay and Android Auto on the AlienRider M2 Pro offer unparalleled convenience and connectivity.

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Sony IMX307 HD Cameras

The AlienRider M2 Pro is equipped with state-of-the-art Sony IMX307 cameras, known for their high-resolution capabilities and exceptional image quality. These cameras utilize Sony’s advanced STARVIS technology, enhancing low-light performance and ensuring vivid color reproduction.

Featuring six highly durable glass lenses, the IMX307 sensors provide superior durability and clarity, even in extreme conditions. With Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, the cameras capture clear footage in varying lighting environments, from bright sunlight to dark tunnels.

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TPMS Sensor for Tire Monitoring

The AlienRider M2 Pro features advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors designed to enhance safety and performance on the road. These sensors provide real-time monitoring of both tire pressure and temperature, allowing riders to customize individual overpressure warning alerts for each tire.

Unlike traditional systems, the M2 Pro’s TPMS ensures stable and accurate signal reception through its independent reception boards, even during tire rotation. This innovative system not only boosts reliability but also offers comprehensive coverage for motorcycles with two, three, or four wheels, helping riders maintain optimal tire conditions and ensuring a safer riding experience.

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77GHZ Millimeter Wave Radar

The AlienRider M2 Pro’s radar safety system offers state-of-the-art protection for motorcycle riders, utilizing advanced LiDAR technology to deliver precise and reliable warnings. With features like Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Lane Change Assist (LCA), and Rear Collision Warning (RCW), the system provides tiered alerts for approaching vehicles, ensuring comprehensive awareness of potential hazards.

Unlike camera-based systems, the radar operates flawlessly in all weather conditions and at various speeds, offering low false warning rates and minimal missed detections. The system’s customizable settings allow riders to tailor alerts to their preferences, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

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